5600+ intrusion attempts

I just started using Vuze and Im getting these intrusion attempts from “windows operating system” and “Azureus” are these false?

(Also my computer’s been making noise, can it be the hard drives and do cpu’s make noise, what parts of hardware make noise in the computer?)

If you’re not hearing a bad cooling fan, you are probably hearing the hard drive(s). CPUs themselves don’t make noise.

To lower disk writes, disable Firewall Logging:

More->Settings->Logging->Disable Firewall Logging

do you mean click the intrusion number and click more, I cant find the settings though. Also is someone trying to hack my computer or hacked it.

You aren’t being hacked, Vuze is just receiving inbound connections. Click on More in the upper right corner of the CIS interface. If you are using v3.x click on Misc.




thanks for your help ;). Also would it be harmful or damage my hard rive or computer if I just let records of intrusion attempts be written?


You need to resolve your noise question immediately. If you are hearing noise from the hard drive that is more than a very soft whir, if it is a buzz or anything the least bit loud, it would probably be a bad fan, but it might be the hard drive. Have you had the machine long enough to know what its normal sound of operation sounds like? I hope you have had it for several months, and fewer than five years.

  1. If a cooling fan is making an unusual noise, it is probably going to stop blowing before long. Results range from letting the cooled area (maybe it’s the CPU fan, maybe it’s the power supply fan, maybe it’s the case exhaust that is supposed to be drawing in outside air and expelling heated air to keep the RAM and chips happy) get too hot to replacing the fan. If the CPU bets too hot internally, well, CPUs are expensive hundreds of dollars, and you will need a new fan, too; and if the mother board gets much damaged by heat, well, you will need to buy a new computer, etc. Power supply, around $50.00 if you put it in yourself. Exhaust fan, something less.

  2. If it is the hard drive making noise, you are in for big trouble, losing every bit of data and programs in the PC is the result coming soon, and recovering a crashed hard drive’s data can cost some thousands of dollars whether successful in finding all the data, or, not.

I recommend you get right on this, the consequences of delay can be catastrophic.


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If your noise is just the hard drive being written to, theoretically, it should do no damage. It will “work” your drive by constantly writing to it. I didn’t like the amount of writes I was getting when I use uTorrent, so I disabled my Firewall Logging. I never paid much attention to my log events anyway.