5351 UDP in uTorrent 1.7.1

Greetings all.
Mainly my question is not about the particular port mentioned in subject.
I am just not creative enough to make a short subject line :slight_smile:
The new version of uTorrent introduced something new (surprisingly) and now when it starts Comodo reports mentioned port. It wasn’t a case in v1.6.
I am investigating this matter and it looks like is probably “Local Peer Discovery” thing.
My Q is about a rule created by Comodo.
If i Deny without Remembering everything goes fine concerning uTorrent functionality.
If I check Remember Comodo creates a new rule in addition to what I set for uTorrent. And the new one is: Block All TCP/UDP In/OUT…
… which is very healthy rule for security because it mainly stops P2P.
But why?
Thanks in advance