509 traffic bug?

I used 509 full (FW, AV and D+) without a problem but it was boring not to have any glitch ;D and I uninstalled AV and put D+ on Inactive (installed Threatfire x64 for my curiosity instead).
Now I don’t have anything in Traffic zone and I have a couple of hours of browsing, Halite running at full speed in background and YM open.
Frankly it’s nothing major but why it worked on full CIS and not in FW only?
Vista64 SP2 and Threatfire x64 beta.

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Oh well, it seems that I scared him because now it looks OK. :-TU

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I’m afraid I’ve got the same problem.
A couple of hours ago I installed AVG Linkscanner (standalone) which seems to be the culprit of this (although I am not sure).
Upon reboot I checked ‘My Active Connections’ and, to my surprise, there was no mention of AVG nor of Firefox even though they were working.
I opened up bittorrent and started downloading a file. The list started populating, but there still were no connections from avg nor from ff (only from bittorent and svchost) shown.

This, however, seems to be a very random issue and doesn’t impart firewall’s functionality because several intrusion attempts were blocked.

I’ll try to find out if this issue persists after a couple of sessions.

My system details:

  1. Vista Home Premium 64bit SP1
  2. Avira Antivir Personal (latest version; on-demand only), Windows Defender (real-time), AVG linkscanner, MBAM, SAS->both on demand only; portable ccleaner
    Firewall settings: Safe Mode; stealth my ports to everyone, protect the ARP cache, block gratuitous ARP frames, first three boxes checked in the “Miscellaneous” tab, keep an alert on screen for 600sec.

Defense+ settings: Clean PC Mode; image execution control set to normal, detect schellcode injections checked, trust the applications digitally signed by TSV, every box checked in “Monitor Settings”, keep an alert on screen for 600sec.
7. I’m not on a virtual system. Windows Firewall is disabled. Administrator account with UAC disabled. I’m on proactive configuration.
Anything else is at default settings.

Thank you!

Today the same happended so I uninstalled AVG and the problem is gone!