50 meg!?!

Dang, This burns up 50 megs of memory. I seriously hope its worth it. I was not expecting it to use THAT much.

18 Megs on mine, and the core uses just over 1 Meg.

hmmmm…I don’t think that is right… Boclean should at its highes use 20 megabytes… but it differs from machine to machine… but 50 megabytes is too much I think…

You have to check how much cpu power it consumes and check if there are any programs interfering with boclean, like other antimalware solutions in the background or other processes n the background… :SMLR

I double checked:
It used 17,564 K of Mem usage and 50 MB of PF usage.

Does that seem better?

yes this seems more normal indeed… hey man don’t worry about this… I think this is just part of bocleans’s behaviour… maybe it will decrease its memory usage when time passes by…

Yes, those figures are similar to mine, so probably right, as 'x says.

Yes I think 18 megs of memory is the normal figure.

BOClean will be integrate to CAVS 3. It is promised that will use less memory so you will get very good anti-virus with BOclean. CAVS 3 will be launch at the end of July.

Liron Jan

Very Nice. Only a few more days left.

I would say one more month actualy… I don’t know if they release it at the start of July… if so than you are right… Otherwise we have to wait a month or so…