5 Detected Threats

Comodo recently detected a series of threats, and quarantined four of them, but five of them are just marked as Action: Detect, and Status: Success.
Scanning the folder they were located in yields no results (Firefox cache2). I imagine this is a problem. What should I do?
I’ve already performed a full scan.

Edit, the day after: No more threats discovered. I suppose it’s been handled. Now… is it possible to close threads?

Do you clean the cache folder of FF when closing it or did you clean it (manually or with a tool like CCleaner)?

What do the logs say? Can you post a screenshot?

I cleaned with Comodo, Advanced Systemcare, Malwarebytes, and IObit Malware Fighter.
Paranoia and all that.
I, er, don’t know where the log file is, but everything is 100% settled, it’s alright :-TU

Glad it is settled. To find the logs: View logs.