5.9 Preview by Languyy99

Watched the preview.

I think…

  1. Atleast those GeekBuddy popups shouldn’t be there if GeekBuddy is not installed.

  2. On detection AV popup/notification mentions Comodo Internet Security. It doesn’t matter if it mentions CIS or CAV but I think if Cloud detects the threat it would be good if the popup/notification mentions Comodo Cloud Detection so that users gets to know that it was detected by Cloud, nothing major but would be good if it mentions Cloud Detection.


?!?.. I don’t see a link…

Found one… http://malwaretips.com/Thread-Comodo-Internet-Security-5-9-Preview-by-LanGuy99

watching video…i would say not so much change or any new feature such as file reputation system as stated in forum… i didn’t saw anything of trustconnect in video… does it shows ads while browsing the internet…
but geekbuddy pop ups are so annoying… comodo should remove pop ups unless someone installs geekbuddy…
and also if there will be option to scan in cloud in context menu, then i will be happy…

I have to fully agree with both ideas. Especially the first one.
I don’t like that geekbuddy is bombarding user every time he does something 88)

same here… geekbuddy pop ups are annoying…

I would like to:

  1. If GeekBuddy is not installed - no pop-ups from Comodo advising using geekbuddy at all.
  2. Possibility to disable geekbuddy notifications even if it is installed in Preferences.

you guys have the ads totally backwards, if you have the service installed what is the point of the ads then, seeing as you already installed it?

The ads are for people who didn’t install it, but you only have to see them 4 times total from what I can tell, if you select don’t ask again.

what I would like to see is show the first pop up upon reboot after install, and only one other time, if I select don’t ask again on any of the smaller ads disabled the rest of them.

From what I remember you see an ad:

after first reboot
upon first detection of malware
upon first sandbox of something
upon first popup from D+

only one pop-up is missing: every time i change configuration “Attention! Do you want GeekBuddy to help you with configuration…??”

" You have just moved the cursor. If you don’t know why contact GeekBuddy now in order to get support"

“Today is friday, the 13th. Do you want our expert to check whether your system is safe in that bad-luck day?” ;D

“You have just installed GeekBuddy. Contact our technicians to get rid of it!”

If you didn’t install it, that meant you did a customized install and therefore don’t want it. That isn’t likely to change upon first reboot just minutes later. People who do customized installs are typically more computer savvy and know what they want and don’t want. One thing they don’t want is to be constantly asked if they want something they went out of their way to not have after every new Comodo install. I like Comodo, but I’m not going to be an apologist for an annoying design decision.

When I’ve first installed 5.8, I’ve installed GeekBuddy by mistake but then I’ve uninstalled it with Revo Uninstaller, was easy and no problem for me, but I guess each one with his/her level of knowledge…

What about spywares scan, missed?? ???

I would like to know specifically when publishing?

no specific time yet, but seeing as we have it, it is one step closer. As long as there are no major bugs discovered by us, expect it real soon.

Comodo now has a scan of scripts?

actually it did for a long while, now they just made a speed improvement.

we aim for

1)more security
2)more usability
3)better resource management

in every release…

And like always there is no “more repair” - and this is a pitty…

CIS is a fine, fantastic and very good security software but it is not perfect :-La


I dont agree here frd.

I would say if I installed it then I might use it too & ads may help for fewer clicks to reach GB.

But if I didn’t installed it on the first hand then simply I dont want to use it so no ads for me.