5.8 bug report thread

I am not able to get 5.8 bug report thread. It say either missing or offlimits to you. why?


Please supply a URL of where you are trying to post, thanks.

Hang on… on reading your post again, it sounds like that you’re trying to post into the BETA section/topic perhaps? CIS release bug reports go to the Bug Reports - CIS board.

Here is the link



Please see my above post, you need to make CIS release bug reports there, BETA bug reports are handled in a different way. Thanks.

edit: Originally, a bug report topic was accidentally posted & then moved. Which was also wrong as it conflicted with the release bug report procedure (topic for each issue). All of these were removed, although I didn’t realise that Egemen had also created a redirection place holder topic (which I’ve now removed). Sorry for any confusion.

Whoop dee doo made a bug topic for v5.8 probably erroneously.

For stable releases bug reports can be filed in the Bug Reports - CIS board.

Egemen moved the topic to the Bug Reports board from where it was removed by one of the mods.