5.3.xxxx settings for maximum security


I was curious as to whether the DEVs and/or one of the advanced users of CIS would have any tips on maximizing through configuring or tweaking the settings of CIS 5.3, to make this awesome security software run at the maximum security potential that it has.

I understand that the previous releases had a sticky indicating this and I believe every upgrade introduces new features that the previous versions may not have so, I would like to request this for this and every future version of CIS.

Thank You, Roger :slight_smile:


Click the link below.Set up written by CHIRON. A nice solid set up. I have had no issues with this set up.

Hey :slight_smile:

heuristics should be on high (keep in mind of the FP though), d+ on paranoid mode and the firewall on Custom Policy.

Don’t forget that you will get alot of pop ups.

Valentin N

Thank you for your rapid reply to my message. Looking through that webpage of his I have found that I personally use a great deal of his suggestions. But, it is always good to read some more useful tactics and to always have a second opinion as to verify oneself on pretty much anything. Thanks again :slight_smile:

I have always used heuristics settings at the maximum allowed and have not ran into many FP notices at all. I do suppose that I have lately not been busy installing all of the ■■■■ like I used to do when I was still wet behind the ears, and/or CIS 5.3 has a pretty good grasp on all of the programs that I have learned from experience to what is good. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the Tips You Two, Roger :slight_smile: