5.10 vs 5.12 for Windows 7

Is there any disadvantage using 5.10 instead of 5.12 on a Windows 7 machine? I’ve noticed that all the changes in 5.12 are for Windows 8, so would sticking with 5.10 on Windows 7 make me less secure then if I used 5.12?

Not really. 5.12 adds Win8 support.

No. The only thing is Avast 7 issue was fixed in 5.12 that’s all.

Okay, thanks for the responses guys. I updated to 5.12 just in case. Thought I might as well use the latest version. I’m not getting those IGMP errors some people are talking about, so thank god for that.

The issue I have seen is in IE9 response time with CIS 5.12 installed. This also affects Outlook’s rendering of HTML emails containing web-hosted images, as Outlook uses IE9 to fetch data. Upgrading from 5.10 to 5.12 absolutely kills page load (or Outlook image load) times. Pages that rendered in less than a second with 5.10 installed take several minutes to render after upgrading to 5.12.

I saw this behavior on several Windows 7 x64 systems, including a virgin Win 7 install test system. Put Comodo Firewall 5.12 on and watch IE9 load times slow to a crawl. Downgrade to 5.10 and they return to normal. More details in this thread.