5.1 when it is expected?

Does anyone know when to expect version 5.1 ?

no clue yet. sorry

I know… when it will be done 88)

No beta is accessible?


no BETA is expected either… < I’m judging based on my V4 experience with comodo

Judging by previous release cycles there won’t be a beta. Just wait and see for moment.

DACS will be released in the 5.1 product it is expected.

How do you know that ? :-\

He is correct.

what is DACS ?



so, all translations are old, with bugs and not update quickly.

that really not possible to include last translations with last virusdatabase? too difficult?

then don’t expect it before the next month , and by that I mean 29 or 28 of Nov …

arent we desperate? what changes are you specting for 5.1? v5 have been release recently

no matter how good programmer you are , a bug is gonna be there and should be fixed as fast as possible :slight_smile: and of course the faster you get this done the better your program is gonna b :slight_smile: