[5.0.163652.1142] Won't accept incoming RDP connections


From a VistaSP2 host running Comodo 5, I’m trying to connect to my XPSP3 host at home through Windows’ Remote Desktop Client, but it doesn’t work although it used to. I don’t know if it’s due to upgrading the XP host from Comodo 3 to Comodo 5 or something else. It used to work with Comodo 3, but it’s been a while since I last tried connecting to my home PC from a remote location.

The ADSL modem/router has a TCP port mapped to allow incoming connections to the XP host.

I notice something:

  1. In Firewall > View Firewall Events, there’s no trace of an incoming connection request on the RDP port
  2. Firewall > View Active Connections : No trace of SVCHOST listening on the RDP port
  3. However, when using the TCPView 3.02 application, SVCHOST is indeed listening on the RDP port.

Any idea what I should check to see why I can’t use the Remote Desktop Client to connect to my XP home PC?

Thank you for any help.

Found what it was: For some reason, in More > Manage My Configurations, “Comodo - Firewall Security” was not active. Activating this item did display a security pop-up when trying to connect.

BTW, with some many options in the Comodo, is there an introductory document that gives the 30,000 foot view about Comodo Internet Security?

Thank you.

What profile was active? Was your firewall set to Stealth in the old configuration setting? That’s what it sounds like.

Importing of a v3 configuration into v5 is not advised because of too many changes under the hood.