5.0.163652.1142 - double click systray icon and nothing happens?

I have upgraded to 5.0.163652.1142 and I’ve frequently found that if I double click on the Comodo ICON in the systray, nothing happens. Similarly, I cannot right mouse click and get the menu up to exit / restart.

I am running XP Pro SP3 with all Windows updates and I have not installed the AV component.

A reboot resolves…any idea how I may resolve this - anyone else experience the same?

I would recommend to uninstall CIS that you have, clean the registries that CIS left with CSC (comodo system cleaner) and install the it again.


As a continuation…I managed to work with the issues I encountered with 5.0.163652.1142 and was prompted to upgrade today but the latest upgrade resulted in BSODs repeatedly.

I have had to uninstall Comodo as going back to a restore point in XP SP3 simply caused further problems.

Can I retrieve the 5.0.163652.1142 package from somewhere so i can revert to that for now?

Can you please go to C:/Windows/Minidump folder and attach the files inside that folder? We’ll be able to see what is causing the BSOD. Maybe there is a conflict with another program.

Try first deadman’s recommendation otherwise follow the alternative solution.

Here is an alternative solution

This should make the latest version of CIS get installed with no BSOD.

  1. download CIS 5.3 32bit and CIS clean up tool

  2. Uninstall CIS and then use the CIS clean-up tool as admin in safe mode.

  3. Install CIS 5.3

Valentin N

Thanks guys!

…the conflict appears to have been with a video driver - ati2dvag.

I’ve reverted to Comodo 3.14.130099.587 for now and all is working again (apart from the fact I cannot import my V5 config :frowning: ) so I feel ‘safer’ that without a firewall.

I’d really like to get back to 5.0.163652.1142 for now if possible even though I had issues with it I could work round.

Thanks for your attention.

I’ve renamed the dmp file to have a PDF extension to get it uploaded…

[attachment deleted by admin]

try what I said and see if that helps. if you want of course.

after you have installed CIS 5.3. go in safe mode and the file you need in d+ rules.

I am sorry to hear that comodo gives you a hard time.

If you need more assistance feel free to tell :slight_smile:

Valentin N

Thanks again…

P.S. I’m running the free version - just the firewall so is it the file cispremium_installer_x86.exe that I need?

I’m late now where I am so I’ll try again tomorrow and report back.

Many thanks.

An example event log entry is as follows and I have the latest drivers installed and this only occurs with the latest Comodo update =

The driver ati2dvag for the display device \Device\Video0 got stuck in an infinite loop. This usually indicates a problem with the device itself or with the device driver programming the hardware incorrectly. Please check with your hardware device vendor for any driver updates.

I/We thank you for taking your time telling us your problem and lettings us help you :slight_smile:

Now to answer you question :smiley: cispremium_installer_x86.exe is everything you need. When you install CIS you unmark what you don’t want to have installed.

Keep us informed how it goes.

Take care and good night.

Valentin N


I analyzed your minidump and determined that your graphics card drivers are corrupted. Try updating them or reinstalling. The BSOD is not caused by CIS.

!ot! how can you analyze such thing? Could you PM the answer. Many thanks. (I have VB 2010 Ultimate installed)

Valentin N

WhoCrashed is useful.

Thanks HeffeD

Thanks all.

I have installed a different graphics card driver, removed the old release of Comodo and reinstalled the latest version as advised and I’m pleased to report that I have not had a repeat of the BSODs…yet.

I am having shut down / start up problems that seemed to go away when i removed Comodo but I’m happy to accept that Comodo may be ‘bringing out’ issues that exist elsewhere.

When I shut down, I get frequent freezes and have to hit the power button and when i start up, it gets just past the Windows XP (XP SP3) logo where you think it’s going to present the username and password but it freezes with the screen blank - again the power button gets pressed.

Windows updates are fully up to date. I’m happy to live with this for now as I tend to try to leave the PC on 24x7 and I’ll try to get time to investigate / sort sometime soon.

Many thanks for taking the time to give me pointers and share the experience with me. I also appreciate the WhoCrashed pointer and I can see me using that regularly and sharing the information with others.