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Hello All,
For some reason, CD selects certain sites by whatever means, and produces a “403 FORBIDDEN” error page. Other browsers go right to the page without hesitation. Two questions, Why? and how is it choosing which sites or URLs to do it to? I’ve cleared everything out, un-installed CD and re-installed CD more that three times, but the same situation occurs. Any guesses or input as to why this is happening? Any one else having the same problem? Any info would be helpful, Thanks

Hi chas267,
In the Menu, Settings, Show advanced settings, under Privacy try disabling malware domain filtering (Comodo Secure DNS) if you have it enabled.

Also try clearing your Browsing Data and try again. Ctrl+Shift+Del

Thanks a bunch for the input. Did as suggested, no joy. Here’s the url … http://wpbusinessbundle.com
give it a try in your browser, let me know what you get. The strange part is … the browser was going to the url for quite awhile … then suddenly quit and produced the error. After about 30 minutes, I checked 3 other browsers, and each of them went right to the page without hesitation.
So, the logical answer was CD for some reason did not want to go to that address or was being blocked or the server where the site is housed doesn’t want to recognize CD. I am at a loss as to what it could be.


Hi chas267,
Thanks for posting back and yes the issue is happening on my system.
The same issue has happened with other URLs and a bug report has been posted, so what I have done is added the website you are having trouble with to that topic.
Thanks for your time.
Bug Report Topic

Same here~