400 Bad Request on Safeway Just for u

I am experiencing an issue where Comodo gives error, but IE works fine. I am trying to access the “Just for u” section of the safeway.com website. When I click on any of these links, (Coupon Center, Personalized Deals, Your Club Specials, Savings List), I get the following error.

Bad Request

The request could not be understood by server due to malformed syntax.

The rest of the site works fine in CD. Problem seems to appear consistently, even before the machine has been put into hibernate or sleep mode, although let me verify that (weird things happen is put into hibernate for too many days, I must shut down and do a clean hard boot). Here are my CD and IE versions.

IE Version 9.0.8112.16421


PC info:

Windows 7 Home Premium
Pavilion DV6
64 bit

Really don’t know where to start looking for fixes, some help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hi JiveNene,
It did come up Bad request for a while, but it appears ok now.
Please clear your Browsing Data and try again. Ctrl+Shift+Del
Let us know thanks.

Edit: If the problem persists try disabling Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP Referrer header) if you have it enabled.
Menu, Settings, Show advanced settings, under privacy.

Thanks, clearing the cache worked, should have tried that first before posting!

I’ll let you know if the problem re-surfaces.


You are welcome.
Let us hope it doesn’t return, thanks for posting back.