40 years of the Internet...

From the Guardian:


What do you believe have been the most significant events…

I can remember my first password for dial-up.
It was in my childhood day. :slight_smile:

online gaming

For good or for bad, Microsoft dropping the idea of “The MSN Network” as a proprietary network and finally “getting” the internet has to be up there, if only for the introduced simplification of connection and mass adoption it bought.

"The MSN Network"

Not one of their better ideas for sure, when was that 95? :-X :-TD

1998 - When Comodo Was Created :smiley:

10 March, 1968 - When the greatest man ever was born :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:
but in all honesty; I believe the greatest thing to happen in the Internet World. and the worst was Social Interaction. and Interaction between bits and humans.


I haven’t been using a computer for a long time (only started in earnest about 7-8 years ago), but I suppose some big events in my book are:

  • When I found out about Comodo
  • When I found out about Firefox
  • When I got my laptop ( ;D)
  • When the bigger crack sites were started ;D
  • When I found out about them 88)

Who’s that? :stuck_out_tongue: