40" Class (40.0" Diag.) LED 5050 Series TV

I have imported 40" Class (40.0" Diag.) LED 5050 Series TV from USA.
Its NTSC & in India PAL works.
Currently I have SD STB from local cable operator & if connected the picture appears in black & white.

HD STB has HDMI port, will HD STB & HDMI connection with my TV work?

I’m surprised you’re getting a picture at all…

HDMI is a digital spec, so it’s neither PAL or NTSC. However, the European HDTV spec isn’t compatible with the American HDTV spec.

You’re going to need something like this.

I googled & read all those.

  1. Converters is one solution.
  2. 2-3 DTH providers in India is one solution i.e their STB has some inbuilt function.

I had read a satellite techies post where he mentioned something like STB with HDMI port, connecting HDMI & setting to 1080 & 60 something. I couldn’t find the post now. Any info on this?

Does setting the output to 1080 at 60Hz also convert the format? Because if not, all you’ve done is set the resolution and sync, which isn’t going to help you any.

As I said, HDMI is not exactly PAL or NTSC, but the HD broadcast standard is still different in the U.S.

Think of it a bit like this. Say you receive a letter that is written in a language that you don’t understand. It’s also printed with a font and paper size that is different from what you normally see. Would you then expect to be able to read this foreign language if all you did was alter the size of the paper and the font?

Standardizing the paper and font size is part of the problem, but you’ll still need translation if you want to read the letter.

You should be able to contact your provider and ask them if their STB is compatible with a TV from the U.S.

Here is what I did & worked.

Local Cable providers HD STB, Composite Cables & HDMI Cables.

I attached Composite & HDMI Cables to TV & HD STB, then Source Tab on TV Remote & selected AV (channels appeared black & white), then menu on HD STB Remote, then settings, then system setup, then display mode & I selected 1080/60 (not all HD STB has 1080/60 setting, checked with other local cable provider & on his HD STB 1080/60 setting was not there so didn’t worked), then again Source Tab on TV Remote & this time I selected HDMI & everything fine, removed the Composite Cables.

I must say, SD channels are 5x clearer & HD channels are WOW!

One thing I dont understand & got me confused.

I watched the same channel on both, normal & HD, for ex - Sony, a serial was going on, what confused me was, HD Sony was ahead than the normal Sony with app 5-10 mins i.e I watched HD Sony for few mins, then shifted to normal Sony & the same scenes I watched on HD Sony were now going on normal Sony, the ads too were few & different on HD channels compared to normal channels. I confirmed this watching other channels too.

Any info on this?

I have no idea why you’re seeing such a delay. I would think it would be difficult for your provider to stick to a schedule if their sources are 5-10 minutes apart. Around here the delay is less than a second. If I have a TV tuned to SD and another to HD, I hear a short echo between the two.

I inquired with my cable provider & he confirmed HD channels are little ahead than SD channels as I mentioned, & also ads are few & different (he too dont have any more info on this)

I have already mentioned

40" Class (40.0" Diag.) LED 5050 Series TV from USA (Default Settings)

HD STB - Connected to TV with HDMI cables. As the TV is NTSC (USA model) & in India PAL works, I have to change the display mode to 1080p/60 to work.

On HD STB, the Digital Audio Output by default is set to LPCM Out, as I have connected with HDMI cables i.e one end to the TV & one end to the HD STB, do I need to change it? (there are 2 options, LPCM Out & BitStream Out)

And I have connected HDMI cable to HDMI/DVI 1on TV, there are 2 ports, HDMI 2 & HDMI/DVI 1, can any one be used for HDMI cables & both are same or have difference?

If you ever want to watch the added content to a movie disc, such as audio commentary while the movie is playing, then you’ll want to use PCM. Unless your player does some additional processing, you aren’t going to hear the secondary audio tracks if your output is set to bitstream. (You won’t hear the commentary)

And if you’re just listening through your TV, you’re more than likely not going to hear any difference in quality between bitstream and PCM. You can try them both though, and see which you prefer. If you don’t hear any difference, then you may just want to leave it set to PCM in case you ever want to take advantage of the secondary audio tracks. Or, you can always just switch it when you want to hear them.

Since your TV has an HDMI input, you can plug it into either output. But if, for example, you have a computer monitor with a DVI input, you’ll only want to plug it into the the first output. HDMI is backwards compatible with DVI, but DVI doesn’t have any idea what HDMI is, so if you plug it into the straight HDMI output, it will not work. Please note however, that DVI doesn’t carry the multi-channel audio that HDMI does. So if you plug in a DVI peripheral, you’ll need some form of audio playback equipment.

Its simple…… SetTopBox that has the settings to set the picture/display to 1080/60 will solve the issue. To change the settings you need to attach composite or component cables (attaching only video cables is enough).

Once settings changed the issue is solved. You can attach HDMI cables for better clearity & remove composite/component cables.

SetTopBox Updates/Upgrades (occasionally providers updates/upgrades & more channels, enhancements, etc… are added) resets the settings to defaults so you need to repeat the steps with composite/component cables mentioned above.

Hope the above is simple enough & clear to understand.

I’m sorry, was this post in response to my answers to your questions? Because it does not seem to relate… ???

No, I just mentioned it for anyone with the probs to solve the issue.

Your post, I have set the sound to LPCM.