4 threats found, can't remove them?!

hi, comodo found a trojan, the action dialogue box appeared then disappeared as i was wondering whether to quarantine or remove it. it has since found the same thing 3 more times and I can’t work out how to deal with it! any help would be much appreciated!


My name is Jacob Kilgore,
I’m one of the Moderators here at Comodo Forums
I would like to try to solve your Issue as Quick as Possible.

If you don’t know what it is please quarantine it, then ask or use search engines like google, yahoo, msn etc to find if it is safe or not

What was the trojan name?
What File?

- Jacob Kilgore
C-O-M-O-D-O Forum Moderator

Hi, I eventually managed to remove it, but had to wait until the dialogue box reappeared, couldn’t find any other way to instigate the removal or quarantine. I ran malwarebyte but it didn’t find it.

the malware name is Trojware.win32.exploit.MS05-039.bg@2301588

it was in the system volume information file of my D drive.

Thanks for your help, sorry I didn’t quarantine it for your perusal!