4 point improvement

Hi there!

Well, sorry for my English, hope you understand what i try to say! At least i understand much better than i write :slight_smile: Oh and i wasn’t sure i should write in the Feedback forum or the Wishlist Forum cause its feedback with the wish to have some things changed so my choice is Wishlist.

Alright. I use the Comodo Firewall for about a year now and its okay so far. But there are 4 things i would like to see changed.

First: The Alert position - Why isn’t it possible to save the window position? I don’t talk about the Firewall UI, i talk about the Alert which ask me to allow or block a programs Internet access. Every time i restart the PC the Alert will show up in the right down corner… a little bit annoying. But not that bad like the other points.

Second: Default Remember - In the “allow / block” Alert, if i wanna block a program and say “remember my decision” (i use a non-english version, maybe its called different) its blocked, so far so good. But now if i start a different program and the Alert show up again, the check box (remember yes / no) is still “marked”. It would be much better if the default would be “remember not” instead of the last choice i made there. It happened a dozen of times already that i add a new rule by mistake cause the check box was still “marked” Annoying!

Third: Drive/Folder Block or Allow - Its not possible to create a rule which says: Allow E:*.* for example. In case i have two folders on E:\ named “A” and “B” and i want to allow/block all programs in that folder to have access to the Internet i am not able to create the right rule for that. Like Allow E:\A*.* or block E:\B*.* Would be nice to have a more flexible way to create rules.

Forth (thats a bug maybe): Rules on changeable drives don’t work - I use a lot ram disks and the drive letter is R. Now if i install a program on R which want Internet access and i create a rule or check the “remember my decision” box on the Alert if it asks, it creates the rule but it don’t work. Well, it do work, but only for that session. If i unmount the drive and mount it the next day for example, the Alert shows up again and if i say “remember” it will add a new rule which is the same rule like before. But that don’t help, it asks again and again. After 10 days (reboots) i have the same rule 10 times. It just don’t work. So i guess the firewall don’t just check for the path or it checks the rules at startup (the ramdrive isnt mounted at this time). At least i can make it work if i open my rules window in the Firewall UI and click “OK” what applies my rules for that drive (only for that session again).

Alright, thanks for reading, hope you understand everything :slight_smile:

bb and good day!

btw: i just read “IMPORTANT: Please post one wish per post !” what makes me like to move it to the Feedback Forum but i guess i cant do it. My fault, sorry :frowning: