4.4.1 has paths crossed?

I just upgraded to … downloaded fresh Nov 10th. I created a backup using an already existing script which specifies 2 source trees to be backed up. I then restored to a different computer (in the default locations but sans security settings). The files were restored under the wrong top level directories.

That is, having backed up A* and B*, A’s files were restored under B and B’s files under A. The actual file trees are correct - they just in the wrong place. 8-( I tried the restore again and this time watched the screen log which verified that CB was working the wrong trees.

All I had to do to get everything correct was rename the top level directories … but clearly this shouldn’t be happening. I browsed the CBU file (in CB) and the file trees in the backup appear correct wrt the source.

My backup script is essentially the following (only the names are changed):

/backup_operation /type filesandfolders /source "C:\dirA|C:\dirB" /compressionlevel maximum /destinationtypenetwork /destinationpath “\someplace(4) |DATE3||TIME| backup.cbu” /backup_type full /diskusage above_normal /processorusage above_normal /log_file “C:\cb_backup.log” /log_method “create”

Backups having multiple source trees worked as recently as 4.3.7 which is what I upgraded from. Going to downgrade again until this is solved.


Additional information.

The restore works correctly if I restore to a location that is not the (saved) default.

If I restore files to their default location, the restored files are placed under the wrong top level (per the script) directories. It doesn’t matter whether I do a selective or complete restore … only whether I choose the default location.