4.26 slowing down my system -anyone else notice this?

Has anyone else noticed a general lag in overall performance of their system after installing BOClean 4.26?

I uninstalled 4.25 and rebooted, then installed 4.26 (rebooted again to start kernal protection). After installing I noticed my overall system perfomance seemed to lag a bit. The start menu hung for a second before coming up. Accessing folders/files in either windows explorer or under my computer also lagged for an extra second. Navigating in some applications (such as the Opera browser, Comodo Firewall, paging through a document in Adobe reader) also was lagging for just that extra second.

I have since uninstalled and removed registry keys for v4.26 and tried a completely clean install. Same issues. I cleaned it out again and have since gone back to 4.25. Now performance is back to normal and there is no lag.

Here is my system setup and whats running alongside BOClean:

Windows XP SP2 with program based DEP enabled
Core Duo 1.83 GHz T2400
NOD32 2.70.39
Comodo Firewall v3.0.21.329 with Defense+
Comodo Memory Firewall
Superantispyware 4
MVPS Hosts File

I added the 4.26 .exe’s to be excluded from DEP. I also added it as a trusted app in Defense+ and Firewall. Never had a problem with 4.25 under this set up.

If anyone has suggestions or if I am missing something obvious I appreciate any help you can give.

Still love the product!

Thanks - Tommy

The “BOClean” part of BOClean actually hasn’t changed much since 4.25 - the major changes were in the excluder and the updater and of course putting a new version number on all of the files. If you happen to have a little spare time, might try dropping one of the above security programs one at a time to see if one of them not running has any impact on the slowness. Nothing changed within BOClean itself which would make it slower, but it’s likely one or more of the other programs doesn’t recognize 4.26 as yet and is applying “extra caution” and having many sniffs at us because we’re not already in their “list” of “known safe” perhaps.

I’d think NOD32 and the Memory Firewall might be two things to check first. I don’t use NOD, but there is a way to exclude BOClean’s files within NOD … hopefully one of the other folks here knows how to do that in NOD. I’d start with that first …

Kevin - thank you for the quick reply.

I will do a clean install of 4.26 and try taking down one thing at a time to see what is applying the “extra caution”.

I’ll report my findings back as soon as I get a chance to play tonight.

Thank you again!

Hi Kevin and Tommy,

Tommy, I have the same version of NOD32 as you: 2.70.39

As Kevin asked above, here you go:

Start the NOD32 Control Center.
Click on AMON.
In AMON click on Setup.
In AMON setup click on Exclusions.

You can now add files and folders to exclude in AMON.

Exclude the BOClean files and folders, and each of them both in long path format and in short path format.

Here is the list that I myself have excluded:


If you like, you might also want to try to do it the other way around:
Exclude the important NOD32 files in BOClean.

I hope this might help you a little bit.

Cheers, Jan.

THANKS, Jan! :slight_smile:

Thanks Jan - I am FINALLY trying this now. Time Warner was just here and fixed my connection which has been down since Friday.

So far so good! I dont seem to be seeing that lag anymore. I also did what you said and excluded it from the Comodo Memory Firewall.

I will play around with this more tonight but it seems like this fixed it.

Thank you Kevin and Jan. I really appreciate your help.

You’re MOST welcome! Sorry for the problem in the first place. NOD has always been pretty good about fixing their code when there’s a new BOClean, but it does take them a while since BOClean does some seriously strange stuff. That’s why it works the way it does. :slight_smile: