4.1.xxxxx and Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Unfortunately it seems that I am having some issues with the new 4.1 and my Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Even though it seems that Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a verified program in CIS, it does not work properly at all. I have tried at least three times by uninstalling/reinstalling CIS 4.1 using different settings but, still nothing whatsoever has worked.

Except for this issue everything seems to be a satisfactory.

Add the whole program folder in my safe files and set it to trusted in D+ Computer Security policy.
That should do the trick…

Thanks I will try that as soon as I get a free moment to reinstall 4.1.

Also, might be a good idea if youre confident your pc is clean/safe, switch d+ to training mode, do your thing with that program, and when finished, go back to safe mode or clean pc mode in d+, then check my pending files if there’s something else that program uses.

Report back if it solves the problem.
Respect :-TU

There unfortunately seems to be some sort of conflict between cis 4.1 and DNS 10.1 that you nor I am unable to resolve. I need this speech to text program because typing is an almost excruciating task for myself anymore…one finger typing bites! In which I am doing in writing this message. LOL

HELP I am a loyal CIS Fan and I hate to be left behind in upgrading to the newest version of anything.


try this, right click on the comodo icon and set it to training, then restart the pc. once it has restarted, open DNS and use it for a few minutes. Close DNS and then go back to the comodo icon and right click and set d+ back into safe mode. Does it work now?

I would like to express a big thank you to the two individuals that had given to me their opinions on trying to alleviate the tensions that have been occurring from this minor problem. Unfortunately it seems that nothing has helped so far and with that, I must relay that I am not a ■■■■■■ (no offense to those who are physically born with such handicaps) who does not first try to remedy their own problems initially before asking for assistance, and then whining till the point that I prematurely act a fool and then say “I am ticked off at Comodo…” :slight_smile: As I was stating previously, I need to use the program DNS because of my own personal limitations and not because I am some lazy individual who does not like to type. :slight_smile:

Hopefully Comodo will be able to find a solution and implement it like they had done for my previous problem with this DNS. Unfortunately, I had reverted back to the original 4.0 and will without hesitation upgrade to the newest version when that problem is resolved.

Thank You again, Rog

No problem Rog, I will let the developers know about your thread.

When I have time, I will download that program to my vmware and experiment with various settings and will let you know what works.


Thank You Very Much languy99 & GakunGak.

No problem, rogerg2, we all here help each other out…

Hi rogerg2,
Could you please describe in more details the behavior of the problem?
what part of DNS does not work in in what way?
some steps to reproduce would be appreciated.

Well, let’s see how I can put this into words. When I had put in CIS 4.1 my DNS 10.1 seems to not work properly. For instance, whenever I speak into the microphone, nothing happens… there is some activity with the microphone icon on the taskbar (lower right section) but, that does nothing valid when it comes to speaking my words for it to write the text form. I have gone through all of the ways that I can find to make it a safe product but, still cannot find a way to make it work as it did with CIS 4.0. Like I have previously stated somewhere, I am not slow and I try to work through every possibility before I go about questioning or asking here for assistance. I personally believe that there is some sort of conflict with the internal operations/files that make CIS 4.1.XXX incompatible. I did not post it on the compatibility software thread because I had figured that nothing would have changed from the 4.0 version to 4.1, I was wrong. :slight_smile: But there is no complaining because I am a Loyal and True CIS Fan.



I have tried DNS 10.1 with CIS 4.1 and it work well on my Win 7…
Could you please tell more about your system?
exact OS version and other audio or security software installed - it could be that CIS conflicts with some other application which results in troubles for DNS.

Well, I have just formatted y C drive and reinstalled Windows 7 Ultimate and CIS 4.1 only and I am getting the exact same problems I was previously receiving. And all of the settings are stock.


With all this uninstalling/reinstalling I seem to have lost my 4.0.xxx version of CIS to put back in because I have not been able to get 4.1 to work on my system. Could anyone please tell me where I can obtain that previous version?

In order to investigate the problem further could and understand what part of CIS causes conflict could you try to deactivate defense+ permanently (defense+ → advanced → defense+ settings → General settings → deactivate the Defense+ permanently), restart and say did it help.

By golly, I think you have solved the problem, so far. At this moment, I have disabled the Defense+ and like I said previously so far it is working as it should… I am using it to type out this message. Now I feel like I have my pants down to my knees without that part of CIS protecting me. :o Now What?

I do believe that the newest update [920] has remedied the situation that I was having with my Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Now I can pull my pants all the way up again!