4.1 to 5.0 upgrade?

is it possible to upgrade from version 4.1 to version 5.0 beta? if not are the config files compatible… would i be able to export my current 4.1 config and import it to verison 5?

thanks for your help

Michael Taylor

I think the beta can’t be got by upgrade. You need a fresh install.
Don’t know about the final version.

With exporting/importing you will loose new stuff added to v5.

I personally think there are too many changes to export/import a clean isntall is best, that way your configuration is as small as possible.

Please DO NOT use previous configs.
There have been to much changes, even in between beta’s to get the best out of the product.

Start with a fresh setup once v5 is released, because even importing between v5 beta’s won’t get the same result.

thanks everyone for all the info… i think ill start fresh as it seems to be what everyone suggests…

Michael Taylor

Will it be the case when CIS 5 will go out of beta ?
How will the auto update work ?

Most probably.