4.1.149672.916 cpu spikes every few minutes

On Windows 7, 64-bits, on a Intel U7300 with Comodo Internet Security 4.1.149672.916 I’m having cpu spikes every minute or so.

I’m not sure how to fix this or to get more information. In the image the cpu spikes can be seen on sysinternals process explorer. Resolution is update every 5 seconds. Recorder during the night when the computer is idling.


win7 64bit
core2duo processor t9400
cmdagent.exe eating 10%-30% of my cpu(so it seems 20%-60% of one core)
every few minutes all the time as i can see in task manager(can’t say how long it stays like this but its not that it is for 5sec or so, it’s much longer than that and overall performance hurts)

also while playing World of Warcraft i got something weird because everything loads very slowly(first game, then graphics inside) if i got few programs opened, which might look like im low on RAM and video RAM but well i got 60-70% usage of RAM (no info about vram)


now its 10-30% all the time on dualcore, everything slows down, opens very slowly, and loads in slomo for example graphics in games, webpages in chrome, system when starting, every program opens like 3x longer then before

I would like to ear something from comodo devs.
Is this is the expected behavior I must ditch comodo, since this causes a considerable slowdown on my laptop and also causes, even that is very significative, a reduction of the battery life.

I also detect this problem

Windows XP Profissional SP3
Intel Xeon 3ghz - 4Gb ram

CIS 4.1.150349.920
VSDB : 5099

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it seems that 4.1.150349.920 it is now fixed (or at least it’s not visible in such scale as it was before)

about battery, my battery in hp laptop only drops to 50% and then my laptop just shuts down like if it was empty, and then powers down before even bootloader so it might be windows 7 problem (beware of this system, got vista for long long time and never got something like this, and after 2 weeks on w7 this happened to my battery)

PS: what i did was completly uninstall CIS(and of course all config) and install new one from the webinstaller, might help

No, as you can see above it isnt fixed

Hello? anyone there?
Any word from devs about this?
Is this taking in consideration?

Fixed on Comodo Version 5 and up. You can now close this.