4.0.7 won't backup my second partition

I am using win XP SP3 English, Comodo Backup 4.0.7

I want to swap my 120Gb sata for a 120Gb sata SSD for quick booting. To create a mirror disc. I have got the SSD in a caddy connected by USB. The current disc 111.79 Gb, has Track 0 MBR, a 1.86Gb partition then is partitioned into a drive C:/ 66.03 Gb and drive D:/ of 43.89Gb. The new disk is a 111.79Gb OCZ Vertex 3.

I start Backup, Custom backup, New Backup, then in Source I select “Disc, Partitions and MBR” , “Disc 0” and “Mirror disk/partition”.

For the destination I choose Disc 1 and backup now, at 38% I get Error 100023. It has copied the MBR the 1.86Gb partition and created drive F:/ but Drive D:/ gets scrambled and needs chkdsk D:/r run again. I have repeatedly run chkdsk for C:/, D:/ and F:/ as the laptop calls it before and after copying, but each time I get the same problem I even tried to copy D:/ separately but it asks into what partition as partition D:/ is not being created.

What am I doing wrong and how can I fix it please.

Your help is much appreciated.

Error 100023 means Data error (cyclic redundancy check).
The 4.0 version doesn’t allow to ignore disk read errors during backup/mirror.

To avoid the issue, you can use the 4.1 BETA version here, cbu file backup method and make sure the “ignore read errors from source” option is checked.
Perform a cbu backup of the source disk, then a restore to the destination disk.