[4.0.135239.742] XP x64, install from DLed files damages Permissions in Windows.

On my VM (VMware Server) I started the web installer and when I got to the screen titled “Downloading the packages” I checked the box “Don’t install the packages after downloading”. After DL, I got a dialog telling where to find the packages. Ater closing the web dialog, I double clicked CIS_Setup.msi. After restart all seemed OK. I opened CIS and clicked update virus DB and it DLed 87.7 MB. I then noticed that my Windows (lucky it was a VM or I would have panicked) was really messed up. My network connection did not work and I could not disable it or select Properties. The “Turn Off Computer button” was gone from my Start menu. It was really bad. The problem is some kind of permission problem. I kept getting messages about “Access denied…” , “You must be in Administrator group…”, etc. The account I was using does have administrator privileges. I reinstalled Windows and tried the Unofficial Offline Installer with the same results. I reinstalled again and tried the web installer and all is fine. The system I am running in my VM is XP x64 with SP2 but no other updates. Please let me know what I did wrong or what I can do to have an installer that is not dependent on the Internet. Thanks, John.

After doing some more testing on my VM, I have chased the problem down. I am running a modified explorer.exe. It is in a different folder from the original, but has the same name. When I go back to the original explorer.exe, CIS works and my permissions are OK. If I disable Sand Box (or just disable “Automatically trust files from trusted installers”) everything works also. I don’t know what this all means, but I hope the CIS team can address it. I suspect I am not the only person who is running a modified explorer.exe. Thanks, John.