3xist is back (Yes, It's me....) But... [locked]

I will not return as a Global Moderator for quite a few months. I will contribute and continue to help people, My priorities are right now and I need to see how things go in the long run without deleting my account. It feels awesome to be a non member to be honest!

It seems to be I have abused moderator privileges by deleting my account so many times, So I decided that was it and I came back as a mod (Quick by Egemen) and I asked to be downgraded for the LAST and FINAL time and the moderators, Hopefully know, not to VOTE me back in untill few months have passed (Maybe longer).

New Alias by the way!


Oh lol ! ;D Come on Josh - COMODO or kung-fu, karate, social life, GF and s…t :smiley: Pick one !

That’s EXACTLY the point! My priorities (Including those examples you gave) are now sorted out! :wink:


3xist don’t forget the king size double bed :wink: you gotta pick the bed :wink: ;D

lol Haha!

Looks like Melih made me a mod again. :slight_smile: (He wanted me back ;)). Still King Size sounds fantastic! Haha! :slight_smile:


I knew he would be back soon…it was only a matter of time. 88)

You’re getting quite a reputation Josh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Erm…and people may start not trusting you.

I assumed that meant you weren’t coming back. ;D

But it’s all right with me…just don’t do it too many more times. :smiley:


Btw: I lost interest in computing just not Comodo. :slight_smile:



Since you came back, does that mean that you are interested again? :stuck_out_tongue:

The only 2 things that could keep 3xist away from here is… the jealous girlfriend, or being exiled to the Russian tundra with no electricity in sight for hundreds of miles around
Good luck in all you endeavors Josh

I say his girl friend dumped him or his train ticket to the Russian tundra was revoked by the Russians… :P0l
Anyhow welcome back all the same Josh 88)

Josh its nice to see you are back.

Good to have you back Josh. ;D

Btw… It’s not possible to delete my account anymore. Account Deletion is disabled. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for the Warm Welcome back. Really appreciate it, It’s great to have a community with people like you guys in it which what makes these forums great.


i have the cheat code 88)


Who gave you it you think :stuck_out_tongue:



This is so dumb. I can go back pages and see how many times Josh has said and done this. Go if your gonna go. Stay if your gonna stay. But for pete sake shut up about already. You have quit and come back about 10 times already. Is this some demented game to you. Its actually a joke and rather funny since even Wilders is making fun of you. Change your name to Josh the quitter instead of Josh the Modder.

It’s the 7th time 88)

anyway, i would like a bit more respect against Comodo Volenteer moderators (and friends), I’m sure that I don’t need to remember you the forum policy ?

Respect moderators. They volunteer to keep these forums running efficiently. Please respect Moderators' decisions etc, etc, etc...


How can you respect a quitter…I would not want a quitter on my team.

good for you… 88)
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