3rd party malware scanners?

Can someone tell me what I have to disable in Comodo to be able to run a seperate 3rd party malware scanner like Tenebrils Spycatcher so that it won’t conflict with Comodo at all, if that’s at all possible.

Hi Nugar,

You should be able to run the two together, no problem.

When you get a popup for Spycatcher or whatever simply click the dropdown on the alert and select “trusted application” you then shouldn’t get any D+ alerts with it.

I run MBAM and SAS regularly with mine and no problems.


Just be aware that if you run a scan with any other software while the AV of CIS is in active scanning mode, it scans each file along with the other piece of software. (each file gets scanned twice, by different programs) This can slow a scan down or cause other unwanted effects.

You may want to disable realtime scanning in CIS when running other scans.