3DMark 11 x64 poor Physics score with CIS installed

OK here goes, i installed 3Dmark 11 to do some benching but my CPU Physics score was very low compared with other similar systems so i done some searching to find what the problem was and found that if i totally uninstall CIS (not just disable it) then my score almost doubles and is how it shoud be.
This only happens on the 64bit version of 3DMark 11, if i run the 32bit version then it makes no difference if CIS is installed or not.
This may not be a CIS problem but i thought i would share this as many other people have this issue too.

My OS - Win7 x64, CPU - i7 2600k.

For 3D Mark 64 bit version I would be interested in what happens in the following two scenarios:

  • disable D+ by just moving down the slider to disabled in Defense + Settings
  • disable D+ by ticking Deactivate Defense+ permanently(Requires a system restart) in Defense + Settings
    . Reboot and run the test again

Can you also show a screenshot of the D+ logs (View Defense + Events) of around the time the test runs with D+ regularly enabled?

I Do not use D+ , its deactivated permantly.
I have tried disableing the entire program but it still happens.
The only way around the problem is to Uninstall. (exept 3dmark 32bit all is fine)

That sounds like a bug to me.

Please consider filing a bug report in the Bug Reports - CIS board following the format as described in FORMAT & GUIDE - just COPY/PASTE it! that would greatly help Comodo.

I recently discovered, after much frustration,
that when 32 bit applications use System32 they are intercepted and secretly diverted to SysWOW64,
and the real System32 holds only 64 bit executables.

Is it possible that 64 bit Comodo takes great interest in the use of 64 bit executables in System32,
but is less concerned about the 32 bit executables in SysWOW64.

16 bits were good. We got System
32 bits were good. We got System32
64 bits - total insanity - that uses System32
128 bits - we should have been satisfied with the abacus - lets all switch to Linux ! ! !

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