35mb mem usage & install probs

i was previously using avast av (uses ~7mb ram) and wanted to try out comodo av :slight_smile:

uninstalled avast > rebooted a few times.

win xp pro sp2
installed comodo av, reboot. hang on first boot for a good 10+ mins.
rebooted again (had to hard power off)
second bootup went ok but when i logged in i got a message saying my profile was corrupt and could not be read (invalid handle) and that it was using the default profile.
logged infinally & rebooted again
this time boot up, log in and everything went ok. then i see 35mb mem usage o.O ok i thought maybe it was just updating or something, but noop - did a couple more reboots and always had 35mb+ mem usage. ouch.
booted into safe mode, could not uninstall. said to uninstall from normal doh!
uninstall from normal mode, put avast back on and back to ~7mb mem usage for my antivirus.

i guess the point of this post is to alert devs to some install problems and to ask if you can get the mem usage down a lot :slight_smile:


Lucky you :). Did you use all the engines they provide? All the services from Avast combined were +40MB in memory and especially the on access scanner was horrible and slowing down the system tremendously.

So I don’t think that CAVS is a memory slug as Avast is with 6 engines running.