332 released 18 Nov 08

I just downloaded version 332 of CIS due to some problems with 327 that made me almost ( within a hair’s breadth ) format and re-install my computer. I’m truly hoping that 332 has fixed these issues. In my case cmdagent.exe was causing the computer to apparently hang ( especially during application installs and un-installs ) often with 40% or greater cpu usage on a dual core Sony Intel laptop. I’d seen the problem previously and made note of it, but had forgotten my own notes and decided instead that I must have a virus as I just couldn’t believe the cmdagent.exe was the entire cause of this issue. I could not believe that Comodo would put such a product that definitely has such problems on the market. I came to the forum today and noticed the 332 download which may have already been automatically updated on my system without me really noticing it, but I will find out one way or the other.
I will admit that I am using FireFox 3.0.4 and earlier versions, however the cmdagent.exe problem was occurring even if FireFox was not loaded so I’m not to sure that this new 332 version will alliviate my issue. I will say this tho, to include with previous problem with 327, that I no longer had access to my add/remove panel and my networking between computers was no longer accessible. I think the configuration of CIS has become far to complex. Removal of 327 fixed ALL of my issues. I wanted to say this to let everyone know that I will have an extremely critical eye on 332 after I install it on my XP SP-3 system here in a couple of minutes. Oh by the way, the installation of 327 did not include the AV portion, only the CFP portion was installed. And the same will be done with 332.
This was a subdued vent on my part as I am definitely not happy with 327 and I’m praying that 332 will be a major improvement because if it is not, Comodo will be removed forever from this system. And the main culprit in my opinion will be cmdagent.exe
Thank you for the time you take reading this.

Hey Hanto, Welcome to the forums. The latest version is 432. I’m guessing you made a typo?
Comodo → misc → about

What mode are you running Defense+ in? I’ve never heard of comodo blocking Add\Remove programs.
Perhaps you may have an infection?

If you want to use the AV in comodo you will have to download CIS from comodo.com
Check your Computer security policy and running procesors for anything that looks suspecious and switch defense+ to safe mode.

I made these guides… Maybe they could help you.