immediately crashes on every startup

Enter can of worms:
Upgrading to Comodo Dragon v33.0.0.0 immediately crashes on every startup! Perhaps part of the problem is the new PrivDog v2.1.0.22 since there’s some data in the User Temp folder left over about it after every crash. Manually deleting the PrivDog extension doesn’t fix anything, so perhaps the problem goes deeper.

I had no choice but to go back to a known stable working version Comodo Dragon v31.1.0.0, and turning off Dragon’s automatic updates and the Dragon Updater Service.

Had I not been regularly making Comodo Dragon profile backups when I made even the slightest changes such as a new bookmark, etc., to restore from (since the v33.0.0.0 upgrade changes the profile making it completely incompatible with v31.1.0.0) I would’ve been looking elsewhere for a different browser altogether.

Hi andavari,
Unfortunately it does sound like some form of corruption has occurred within the user profile, but I doubt there is compatibility issues between the two versions.
I have updated two systems from V31.1 to V33 with no issues.

Kind regards.

I tried a clean install of v33.0.0.0 without my previous user profile, and it still crashes on every startup.

Hopefully the next version will work correctly for me, so I’m not stuck using v31.1.0.0.

Sorry to hear that, let us hope future versions bring a solution.

The only other suggestion I have that you may or may not want to try is Dragon portable.
This is independent from your installed version.
Portable Version


Crashes during launch can occur because the browser can’t access the user profile. You can check where your Dragon instalation creates its user profile and see if you have read/write access rights.

  • location for non-portable: %localappdata%\Comodo\Dragon
  • location for portable is in the install folder

Also try installing a portable version to a different location and see how it behaves. The portable will not affect other Dragon installations so it should be easy to test.