32bit or 64bit?

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i have another stupid question :
on CFP download thread, i’ve seen 2 options to download CFP 3.0:
CFP for 32bit comp and 64bit comp.
the thing is, i don’t know whether my computer is 32bit or 64bit. and i choose the safest option (hopefully), CFP for 32bit XP. (anyway,i got BSOD,so i’m still using CFP2.4 right now and waiting for CFP final version).
another forum member (thx pepoluan 8)) told me to download CPU-z if i wanna know about it. i’ve done it, and CPU-z give me my computer specification data. i still don’t know whether my computer is 32 or 64bit.

pls somebody enlighten me.

p.s. i didn’t post in wrong section (again),did i?

Open the “System Properties” window

a.If your Start menu is configured for Classic Start menu, right-click the My Computer icon on your desktop, and click Properties.
b.If your Start menu is the Windows default Start menu, click the Start button, then right-click the My Computer icon in your Start menu, and click Properties.

Click the Advanced tab.
Click Environment Variables.
In the “System variables” list at the bottom of the Environment Variables window, look for a variable called “PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE”. If your PC has a 32-bit processor, this variable will have a value of “x86”. If it has a 64-bit processor this variable will have a value of “x64”.

Don’t worry anyway, when you try to run a program for the wrong kind of system (and program includes an installer), you’ll be told, “x.exe is not a valid 32-bit application” if your system is 32-bits, and respectively if it’s 64-bits. So there’s really no way you can be wrong with this and run something that ruins anything. :slight_smile:

thx a lot guys, mine is a 32bit computer.
another question, what’s the difference between the 32 & 64bit computer?
and what if i installed a 32bits system software in a 64bit comp?

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ok i have a newer pc that has a amd athlon 64 bit proccesor but my operating system is 32 bit win xp pro mce (media center edition) and i use 32 bit programs but there is a win xp pro thats a 64 bit operating system that uses 64 bit programs lol i was not sure when i got my newer pc either :slight_smile:

now you make me even more confused. ever heard of chinese legendary philosopher : CONFUCIUS
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I really don’t know enough to help you… But this would be my first step if I wanted to know more:

Oh I see, it’s hard to follow though unless I move too…

thx for the wikipedia.now i get it.


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