32bit applications no longer working(in Vista 64bit) since latest update.

Booted up my PC this morning. Loaded up my 32bit Version of IE and all other applications loaded up fine.

Then about an hour or so ago CIS tells me i have an update. I check the readme via the link contained within the update text box and then update. Am asked to reboot, so do so. Apon rebooting, within a few moments a 2nd CIS update window pops up again telling me there is an update. Again i follow CIS’s prompts and install/reboot as requested.

Now to the problem.

It seems that since these updates no 32bit app’s work. Yet my 64bit version of IE works just fine (Its what im on now to post this)

I feel that this seems to be a wide spread issue - going by the amount of threads regarding this in such a short space of time. And so feel that this issue should be given priority attention. If the programmers feel that a fix can not be made public today then i kindly request any infomation which will enable me to “roll back” to an older version, so that my important 32bit apps work again.

Just to clarify. System specs are :

Vista Ultimate 64bit
Gigabite p45 extreme Mobo
XFi Fatal1ity Champion Platinum edition Sound card

Yours, a slightly disgruntled Comodo user, Wall

I Guess This Issue Has Been Fixed In CIS 3.9 BETA And I Hope CIS 3.9 Final Release Will Happen By Today. So You Can Wait For The Final Release And Check Installing That. For Information Regarding The Same Issue You Can Check The Thread https://forums.comodo.com/empty-t36790.0.html