322 outbound connections, is this normal ??

with previous version of comodo outbound connections would never go higher than 60 or 70. Since 3.10 outbound connections go as high as 322.

Whats the program thats outbound?

Let me guess, svhost?

I’m showing 120 right now. Mostly from my bittorrent client (Vuze).

Vuze is now in the My Trusted Venders so the firewall is mostlikely making rules for it!

Somebody suggested that the time windows of active connections may be bigger with 3.10 when compared to 3.9. That would explain it.

Yes it is a 3.10 issue. I have listed it in the bugs report thread. I saw a few others mention the same issue. So it is for sure 3.10 issue. I went back to 3.9 and outbound connections is back to normal (about 30-50). I expect a patch will be coming for 3.10 with bug fixes. The comodo devs are good so i have faith in them. :-TU

Please do notice that going back to 3.9 you won’t get any updates for the AV when using it.

I get about the same issue here. When using Google Chrome V 2.X I get around 120-200 outbound connections.

What does that mean? Is that good or bad?

Neither. Just a different way of displaying them. They tend to stack up because they aren’t released as quickly in CIS. It’s strictly a display issue.

In other words, the old method might have displayed the outgoing connections for ten seconds, and now it displays them for thirty seconds. (I don’t know the actual timeout, this is just for example purposes) This means you’ll have more connections sitting in the list at any given time.

So it’s good if you want to take the time to inspect the connections because they hang around longer, but bad if you get concerned at seeing hundreds of outgoing connections listed by CIS. :wink:

thanks for the explanation. I would have to say that its better they way they did it in 3.10. I went back to 3.10