32 bits installer only

Can anyone post link of 32 bits installer of 5.10 only plzz?

The installers in this topic should be able to install on 32 bit systems and 64 bit systems.

I know that. But they are both 32 & 64 bits & huge. And the online installer downloads slow here. So I need a direct download link for 32 bits installer only.

The msi installer with no dragon & geekbuddy plzz.

Anyone here…

naren, I, too, wanted only the 32-bit installer, not the combined 32/64-bit installer. I have found three locations where you can download the latest 32-bit installer (i.e. version 5.10. 228257.2253).

The first location: http://downloads.comodo.com/cis/download/installs/1000/standalone/cispremium_installer_x86.exe

The second location: Download Comodo Internet Security - MajorGeeks

The third location: Firewall Download | Best Firewall Security software for Windows.

Please note, when you navigate to the Comodo personal firewall site, the combined 32/64-bit installer will be displayed. You will need to change it to the 32-bit installer. And yes, the Comodo Firewall installer can be used to install Comodo Internet Security (that is, it contains the Antivirus component, as well as the Firewall and Defense+ components).

The size of the 32-bit CIS installer is 61,698,504 bytes…
The size of the combined 32/64-bit installer is 88,861,872 bytes.

I know all these.

What I meant was CIS installer 32 bits without CD & GB. The total size of this installer would be app. 31 MB.

Gee, naren, I am surprised you don’t know Comodo only offers the CIS installer with both Comodo Dragon and GeekBuddy bundled in. There is NO official Comodo install without those two components. Chiron explains in his excellent installation guide how you can select NOT to install those two components during installation.

I have a slow, dial-up connection (approximately 48k/s) and was able to download the 32-bit installer in roughly 3 and one-half hours. I imagine you could do the same.

The only way to obtain the custom install package you want is to manually create such an install package - however, to do that, you would first need to obtain Comodo’s 32-bit installer and then modify it.

Anyway I downloaded the 58 MB installer for 32 bits.

But you dont need to customize the 32 bit installer to remove dragon & geekbuddy.

Once you downloaded & installed CIS, go to documents & settings - all users - application data - comodo folder - installer folder - here you will get CIS installer sized 32 MB without dragon & geekbuddy. You need to select show hidden files & folders in folders options. During CIS installation I didn’t selected dragon & geekbuddy install.