32-Bit v3.0.13.268's GUI Loads Very Slowly Only When Winamp 5.5 is Opened

I found it very strange that the GUI (just by switching back and forth between the main menus at the top) loads very slowly (with all items being drawn slowly) and cfp.exe consumes a ton of cpu whenever Winamp is opened. It’s a strange issue because:

  • Winamp wasn’t playing any media file or loading anything other than itself, even minimized
  • There is no activate internet connection with Winamp
  • Winamp is already on my safe list as I’m in Safe PC Mode for D+
  • As soon as Winamp is closed, the GUI is back to normal

I found the culprit within Winamp. It’s an audio DSP plugin that I use called Enhancer (http://www.winamp.com/plugins/details/81361). As soon as I disable or unload it, it’s all good. So it seems that dsp_enh.dll conflicts with CFP3’s GUI ???