32-Bit v3.0.13.268 ICMP Log Bug - ICMP Type 14, Code 149

There’s no such thing as ICMP Type 14, Code 149 :P. The only thing that might have caused it was when I had uTorrent running. I only log blocked ICMP In/Out for testing purposes and I discovered this. This has been the only instance of that log entry thus far.

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Now v3.0.14.276, but the issue persists. This time with more different Type - Code errors. Again, the only thing that could’ve caused this was while running uTorrent. Doesn’t occure often.

Attack Detection Settings
Intrusion Detection: defaults
Miscellaneous: all options disabled

Global Rules
Absolutely Nothing

Application Rules related to ICMP
Allowed a bunch of destination unreachables, Time Exceeded, and ICMP Fragmentation Needed, the rest aren’t relevant and the last is Block All on WOS

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