.304 Update is a Mess! What's up?

What is going on with the .304 update? It removes my old version, then pops up and tells me to let it re-configure to “take advantage of the new stuff” and trys to sell me a $79 malware add-on.
I am really disapponted and almost ready to swithch back to KP4 (and that is awful!!!)

Why is the .304 version now re-learning everything on my PCs?

Ya’all really ■■■■■■■ this one up!

I suppose you opted for re-learning. I think you were given the option to keep your old settings.
What is the reason? Comodo intrudoced a modified default ruleset with a bit different format as the old one. You had two possibilities: convert your old rules (in this case no re-learning would have happened). Or make cfp re-learn them, plus add some additional default rules for better security.

I did not opt for re-learning. I selected the “recommended” step to allow CFP to modify the configuration. It is re-learning all on its own.
Everything pops up for me to tell it what to do.
I call that a flaw in design.
I also notice that while it kept all my “safe files” it deleted the quarantined files. Is this company owned my Microsoft … similiar testing before release.
I guess it’s my fault! You get what you pay for.
I was hoping when I installed this software that COMODO would live up to their hype.

I also opted for the recomended settings, btw it informed me that all my previous configurations would be lost (this obviously means that it has to re-create the rules). Maybe you missed that alert. Anyway, the default defense+ mode is still cleanpc so if you receive many alerts than something is not working as it is intented to. My programs were re-learned too, but without receiving popup alerts. Sad to hear that you are one of the many who has problems with cfp. I have never had issues not even with the alfa version. (except the 8.3 file name thing, but that wasn’t a showstopper for me). Maybe I am a kind of chosen one :-. But from my point of view all the recent updates were tested properly :wink:
I don’t know exact statistical numbers, but if we look the fact that millions of people have installed cfp, there are ~42000 people registered on the forums, and only around a houndred complaining about cfp. I think this is not that bad…

One final thought on this subject. I have 30 years in IT and have managed many excellent teams. The cardinal rule of best practice on quality control is that a problem is a problem, whether it comes from a hundred people or one. Quality control should not be based upon a percentage of errors. A million satisfied customers could only mean, they are too lazy to complain.
Please learn from complaints to improve testing.
Oh, and surprise, surprise. I just downloaded .309, hoping for better things and most of my Global Rules for Network Security were wiped. If we have to save our configs prior to every update, it would nice to let us know. And this time I did not receive any message about modify my configs.


I’ve just completed upgrading a 34 PC lab and none of them lost any rules or config info.

Can you please lodge a support ticket at the official Support Centre - http://support.comodo.com

Ewen :slight_smile: