30/340 - I Need Help

I Need help - I installed the latest Comodo 5.3.1 and I got 30/340 Leak Test

Followed exactly ‘Getting Accurate Leak Test Results’ at http://forums.Comodo.com/empty-t61715.0.html

Comodo 5.3.1 passes 100% ShieldsUP! at https://www.grc.com/

I am coming from ZA

What could I be doing wrong?

Should I go back to ZA as I can only get 30/340 with Comodo?

OS Windows XP SP3 build 2600

  1. RootkitInstallation: MissingDriverLoad Vulnerable
  2. RootkitInstallation: LoadAndCallImage Vulnerable
  3. RootkitInstallation: DriverSupersede Vulnerable
  4. RootkitInstallation: ChangeDrvPath Vulnerable
  5. Invasion: Runner Vulnerable
  6. Invasion: RawDisk Vulnerable
  7. Invasion: PhysicalMemory Vulnerable
  8. Invasion: FileDrop Vulnerable
  9. Invasion: DebugControl Vulnerable
  10. Injection: SetWinEventHook Vulnerable
  11. Injection: SetWindowsHookEx Vulnerable
  12. Injection: SetThreadContext Vulnerable
  13. Injection: Services Vulnerable
  14. Injection: ProcessInject Vulnerable
  15. Injection: KnownDlls Vulnerable
  16. Injection: DupHandles Vulnerable
  17. Injection: CreateRemoteThread Vulnerable
  18. Injection: APC dll injection Vulnerable
  19. Injection: AdvancedProcessTermination Vulnerable
  20. InfoSend: ICMP Test Protected
  21. InfoSend: DNS Test Protected
  22. Impersonation: OLE automation Vulnerable
  23. Impersonation: ExplorerAsParent Vulnerable
  24. Impersonation: DDE Vulnerable
  25. Impersonation: Coat Vulnerable
  26. Impersonation: BITS Protected
  27. Hijacking: WinlogonNotify Vulnerable
  28. Hijacking: Userinit Vulnerable
  29. Hijacking: UIHost Vulnerable
  30. Hijacking: SupersedeServiceDll Vulnerable
  31. Hijacking: StartupPrograms Vulnerable
  32. Hijacking: ChangeDebuggerPath Vulnerable
  33. Hijacking: AppinitDlls Vulnerable
  34. Hijacking: ActiveDesktop Vulnerable

Score 30/340

replied in your other thread. Please don’t double post.

Hi John

that ‘other’ thread is specifically about requesting Comodo to provide a config file to all (we are in 2011)

We should not need to wade through a page of HTML to tweak settings

This post is about requesting help as to why I can’t get more than 30/340

And why now I do not receive any pop ups any more when running clt.exe