30.0.5 close tab issue

Ever since it updated to 30.0.5 I have an issue closing tabs.

Say I have 6 tabs open and i want to close them and only have the first tab open.

So i’ll press the X on the 2nd tab and it will close and the tabs move down and I can just keep pressing the X to close the rest.

The issue is once it gets to the last tab so there are only 2 tabs open it freezes and eventually pops up with a script has stopped responding window.

Obviously I can stop it then close and reopen the browser and everything is fine but it happens every single time. Doesn’t matter how many tabs are open or what pages are open on those tabs, if I keep closing them then when it gets down to 2 tabs the browser will freeze until eventually the scripts responding window pops up.

EDIT: Okay its not just closing multiple tabs, now it’s doing it quite often now even if I just have 2 tabs open and I try to close just 1 of them even if the browsers has only been open a minute.
It seems to be a problem with the clicking the X command since if I tell it to stop running the script the browser continues to work fine but trying to click on the X of a tab to close it no longer does anything. You can still open new tabs you just can’t close any.

So far everytime I have icedragon open, if I ever close tabs before closing the whole browser then at some point I get the script error, sometimes after 6 or 7 closes other times on the first time i try to close the tab.