3 things I would like

When an alert comes up, there should be detailed information about the IP address automatically and also have the ability to tell detailed information right inside the network security policy.

Seriously, comodo needs searching ability. I hate to have to scroll manually in order to find exactly what I need. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to type in and search in order to get where you need to get into?

Add IPs being block by just adding port number and then you can manually unblock IPs.

It would be wrong to block an IP just by adding a port #.

That would create a lot of backlash.

Imagine you had an alert for www.malware.com:80 and you blocked port 80 - bye bye internet. :wink:

I don’t think you get what I mean, it’s not about blocking the port itself. It’s more about blocking the chosen active IPs that goes by rather than ports. I do really wish to block certain IPs into incoming connection according to my cisco logs and unable to find a way to block it inside comodo. Not really liking those IPs into port 603(Whatever the other two numbers is). Right now, they didn’t get by through like they did last night.