3 startup items-can they be disabled???

In Windows 7 there are three objects from Comodo antivirus and Tuneup Utilities says that they all can be disabled, is that true???

If you don’t want the tray icon or widget maybe. I believe the protection service will still run, though you may not get alert popups anymore.

why do you want to disable them?

Because AVG’s TuneUp utility listed the auto runs without noticing its a system security suite, or worse, its trying to remove the competition. >:-D

Honestly AVG’s TuneUp utility is horrible I’ve had it break several client’s pc’s.

Thank you for answers. I wanted to disable two of them and just keep one that may be really neccessary-systray thing probably, so startup would be as fast as possible. Any alternatives for Tuneup Utilities and why do you think it broke these computers? If some malware was removed by other program and the startup item from that malware was still not removed, could that be the reason why pc s did not work?

Tune Up utilities white list of course does not cover every program (white lists always are running behind the facts and there will always be a shorter or longer time before something gets on the list and there will be stuff that may never get on it).

Once a malware file is removed and the registry entry is still there the danger is gone. A registry entry pointing to a file is no longer there will not cause a machine to break. May be in cases where a Window system file was removed.

I assume Tune Up Utilities is capable of much more than just disabling autorun entries so it is not possible to say more about it than I just did. You could see if TUU keeps log files of changes it made or has restore capabilities. Other than that it would not hurt to check with the TUU forums to see if they can help you further.

Sry, but i don’t still see a concrete answer-is it safe to disable or not?

Allow all three processes. Cmdagent.exe should always run as it is the very functional.

Thank you. Just interesting that even with all of them disabled Comodo AV still was able to detect threats.