3 questions

  • Am I still welcome here ?

  • How is it with Kevin ?

  • Has Ganda finaly found a girlfriend ?

Greetz, Red.

Of course mate.

- How is it with Kevin ?

Dunno. haven’t heard from K McA for ages, but I haven’t been horribly consistent on the boards either.

- Has Ganda finaly found a girlfriend ?

I believe a law has been passed prohibiting him breeding.

And if not, why not?

hi dawg :slight_smile: you’re more than welcome, especially since we haven’t got any female member
around here,now put on the pink costume ;D

- Has Ganda finaly found a girlfriend ?
hmm,you gotta be specific dude... you mean human or....? does imaginary girlfriend count? 88)

no, but rocks do. ;D

I will email Kev. I realy miss the old dude :slight_smile:

Why am I not surprised about that 88)

Greetz, Red.

Got an email from Kev because he saw this topic :slight_smile:

It’s good to know I still have some friends here : Ganda, Kevin, Ewen and “Mr. Go-Ahead” from Comodo ;D ( Melih maybe ??? I don’t know, but I realy apreciate it :slight_smile: )

Greetz. Red.

Just because someone disagrees with you, doesn’t mean they’re not your friend. :wink:

In this instance, I can use my wife as a citation. :wink: :-\

you mean as citation for:
“keep your friends close, your enemy closer”? 88)

I never knew you weren’t? ??? Unless I’ve missed something you are more than welcome, for me. :wink:

He needs a pink sweater first. O0

Now I"m worried, LA. You have a pink sweater, don’t you?? :o

huh ??? i thought we agreed on using lemon colored sweater 88)

pink is for February ;D


why February ???

duh? valentine’s day 88)