3 questions...and one virtual mode question

1-This question applies for both dragon and icedragon. Does virtual mode change your ip address? my understanding of a virtual private network, was that it runs off of a virtual network, and not your own. I noticed at first my ip was different than my own, but now in virtual mode, im seeing my own.

I also had another question, when i first install comodo icedragon, it asked the question about me using your dns servers, and asked about using cloud. i uninstalled and reinstalled ID and it no longer asks.

last question, uve noticed lately that my addons/bookmarks are getting removed. i signed onto icedragon the other day and everything was factory default. it happened after running malwarebytes though…idk if it’s related. it removed a PUP, but I hadnt installed any new addons, so idk.

oh and is it normal to see a bunch of outbound connections on the firewall? i see from icedragon, service host, and windows explorer(i never even use this program)

Does virtual mode change your IP address?
The virtual mode does not change the IP address, the virtual mode is a virtual environment (a sandbox) for file changes etc to keep them separated from the real system, not to be confused with a virtual private network which tunnels your internet traffic through a third party (or first party if you have your own VPN). However the virtual mode should work nicely with a VPN since a VPN should tunnel all your traffic, so if you are using a VPN (note: the virtual mode in CD and CID is not a VPN) and you still see your own IP then the VPN is probably not working correctly.

Is it normal to see a bunch of outbound connections on the firewall?
Yes this is normal, it would not be normal if there were no outgoing connections at all (unless you are disconnected from the internet)
Windows Explorer is the file & folder browser/manager in Windows so you probably use it from time to time, it sometimes wants to connect to Microsoft servers, I’m not sure what the reason for this is but it seems to be normal behavior.

Sorry but I can’t answer the other questions since I don’t know the answer for them.