3 questions about the product

  1. i noticed that on some apps (such as whats up), when i press a phone number i get an option to call it using the comodo secure dialer, i couldn’t find any information about what this dialer does, so what does it do?.

  2. i also found out that for many features of the anti-virus i need to root my phone, any recommendation about a safe and easy way to root a galaxy s3 with android version 4.1.2 i3900 EMC2 ?.

  3. another thing i wanted to ask, is what type of encryption does this app use for encrypting files? i couldnt find any information about that also.

thank you for your time

  1. It’s used to prevent harmful USSD attacks. Comodo dialer will stop any execution of malicious USSD code, so it should be always used (as default dialer). Basically, this is only Samsung vulnerability.

in that case, how do i make it my default dialer? i cant find it on the app list.

Go to XDA Developers forum, there you will find all the information you require to root your phone.