just curious if i’m missing something here, (:SAD)…i see no need to have to sit there and click EVERY LAST file alteration etc. for the same installer program, updater, etc.
(at LEAST 200 clicks just to re-install my webcam!) (:AGY)…i’ve browsed through settings etc to
see if there was a way to just say “ok this program is fine,…let it do it’s thing”…but?
any thoughts,advice,etc. ?..thanks…kvgat at aol dot com.

ahh ! …i think perhaps it was the "device driver " monitoring setting in defense plus.
i’ll turn it off next time and see (:WIN)

maybe the “installation mode” will help you… and i suggest you to check Defence+ advanced settings

LOL :smiley: Yeah, it can just be disabled…:slight_smile: Had you checked the forum, the faq., etc. - it’s already mentioned.


if setings are studied and learned, its easier