3 malware (RegistryEasy, ErrorFix, Regtool) trick users into purchasing.

These 3 malware programs are Registry Easy (XXXXXXXXXXX), ErrorFix (XXXXXXXXXX) and Regtool (XXXXXXXXXXXXX).

They intend to be malware killer, but in fact they are malware, what they do is to trick users into purchasing.

  1. Registry Easy.

After installation and launch, it scans your system and then gives the fake threats, some functions are pre-programmed.


When you want to fix these so-called problems, you need to register the full version. Thus you need to pay them, they only give you a junk program that can’t improve your system performance, instead it will crash your system and steal your personal information.


  1. Errorfix and Regtool

They are the same version, with different names. So here I only discuss the Errorfix.

It will say your system health is LOW before you perform a scan, this is illegal. Adobe Updates and Java Updates can’t do anything. You can install Adobe Reader 7, it says it is up-to-date, but the latest version on www.adobe.com is version 9.1. Also the Java Updates.


It scans and gives fake report. What they do this is tricks you into purchasing.


When you click Repair All, it asks you to register the full version.


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Hello, Thanks for posting.
But please remove the website links as it’s against forum policy to share malware publicly. I will pass on those links so that comodo can analyze them.

Thanks Kyle - links removed. Good pickup.

These are available on cnet download.com, which is not good for those who rely on them.

They really should check more carefully before promoting this type of program.

Their own sites have red ratings using WOT.