3.9 Already receives good rating/critic..

Those 2 sites happily gave CIS a great rating…


:-TU :-TU Both gave it a 5 of 5 stars/rating… =)

They have “reviewed” or at least rated the latest CIS 3.9 this way… ;D :-TU

They are happy with CIS but what they wrote is almost identical and sounds like it is written for a press release or sumping… (:NRD)

yeah, maby they did not even test it! ;D :wink:

Well, it is something; however, I really do not know how reliable these two sites are. By the way the soft82 site is currently down thus, I was not able to read their review.


Both these sites have dubious ratings with WOT.

What is WOT by the way?

WOT stands for Web Of Trust → http://www.mywot.com/


The first link says CAVs has a email scanning feature, i didn’t think it did??? it hasn’t been added in 3.9 has it?

CIS hasn’t an e-mail-scanner.

see: https://forums.comodo.com/which_product_do_you_want_comodo_to_develop_next/which_product_to_develop_next-t125.0.html;msg269142#msg269142

But CIS is able to detect a virus in an e-mail.