3.9.95478.509 locks up windows 7 rc

this new build always locks my pc up when scvhost.exe wants access to the internet. the febuary build does not do this, id like to know if there is a fix or not? im a avid comdo user but ill have to stick with the febuary build if this keeps acting up. i also checked my pc for malware and spyware and i have none. any help would be appreciated.

Hi fixxxer1022,

This is no solution, but please say that scvhost.exe is a typo. scvhost is bad.
svchost is a legitimate windows process.

For the sake of help, are you on 32 or 64 bit system?
What rules do you have under Application rules in Firewall and D+ for svchost?
I’m on Win 7 RC x64 at the moment and I don’t even have a svchost entry.


Edit Correction: - I have svchost in D+ under Group - Windows Updater Applications Treat As - Installer or Updater.
In Firewall there is entry Windows Updater applications Treat As - Custom
The rule beneath is Allow TCP or UDP Out From IP Any To IP Any From Port Any To Port Any

Maybe see where your’s may differ? or if we need to look deeper into permissions.

Sorry I didn’t look carefully enough before. 88)