3.9.75924.499 RC2 Update Threads

When booting my system this morning, I was alerted to a CIS RC2 update. I successfully updated to 3.9.75924.499 RC2. Do we still use the xxx.498 threads for reporting bugs and commenting on the latest release? :-\

Yes pls. Continue with the same thread.

Thanx, egemen! :-TU

Egemen, did you sign those x64 files and drivers? The update came through and I no longer receive ANY firewall activity.
This does not impress me the least.

Is the cmdhlp.sys patch required in this update?

the patch will not correct this one.

so what we call till now rc2 is now Re: 3.9.75924.499 (rc2) ?

May I suggest ‘RC2 .499’?

Updated and running smooth, thanks

:-TD I wish i took notice of John Buchanan as i downloaded the update and my internet was abducted to god knows where!!. I uninstalled using revo and re installed as another member had done and he apparently had no further problems, not me. I have had to revert back to 3.9498 in order to access the internet. Anyonelse having the same problem and do you know the cure if i was to download the update again, as i thinking wait til final release.


This topic is locked.

Please use RC2 bug reports thread.